The BBMRA as adopted the use of T-Trak based modules in various scales as the medium for club members to gather and utilize the modules for running trains. Many modules have been developed and are shown in the database of T-Trak modules as part of the T-Trak site. To see the current collection of BBMRA Member T-Trak Modules go to this link:

The modules that are currently included are in HO, N, and Z scale. The larger O scale modules are being photographed and data developed for adding to the collection.

BBMRA Considerations for T-TRAK Modules & Layouts

A guidebook is under development to provide all of the specifications approved by the BBMRA for constructing T-TRAK modules. Information is included for all scales. Images detailing the various elements are also featured. The criteria were developed to ensure compatibility among the member modules and to allow consistent connections for operating trains. Using these standards also provides for consistent connections with modules from other model railroad clubs for displaying at the various club shows. This adds additional scenery, action, and talent display for all to enjoy.

This guidebook is in draft mode for the present. Some of the forms are in the process of being revised to coincide with the certification process being developed to provide for certification and tagging modules that have met all the standards and recommended practices approved by the BBMRA. The link is provided for your review of the document and submitting any changes, updates, or revisions you observe. Please send any changes etc. to Neal Meadows with subject: BBMRA T-Trak Manual.

Here is the PDF link for the document.

BBMRA T-TRAK Considerations for T_TRAK Modules & Layouts

A process for certification of the modules is being developed to ensure the modules are in compliance with the approved standards and recommended practices adopted by the BBMRA. Documentation and certification forms are being developed and will be shared when completed.

The certification process enables partnering clubs to share the T-Trak modules when hosting shows or demonstrations. Sharing provides a wider array of modules and talents for the show visitors. It also helps members who are building new modules to see what types of techniques have been used and who can provide some information about the process of developing scenery.

The documents below are used for the certification process. These are offered for your review and are in draft form. Final versions will be posted as they are completed.

Module Certification & Grading

BBMRA T-TRAK Module Certification Checklist

BBMRA T-TRAK Module Certification Form (Fill-In)