Trivia Quiz Questions about Railroads, Railroading, and Model Railroading

This depot will be filled with items passing through just like passengers passed through depots across the country. These items will be questions about various aspects of railroad history, companies, operations, personnel, financials, and scope of governmental regulations. These same facts or similar will also be included about the model railroad industry and the expanse of the hobby.

1. When and where was the first road of rails built in the United States?

Railway Development

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1. When and where were the first road of rail built in the United States?


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2. What were other early railroads in this country?
3. What was the first railroad charter in the United States?
4. What were the first common-carrier railroads in the United States?
We are still under construction. We have just begun this project!
The quiz questions in this section are about the development of the railroads and the systems that emerged.